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Description of Draw Rider (from google play)

Draw Rider Free - top bike racing games race arcade racing on Android available completely free!

Do you have a Google Play Pass? Download Draw Rider Plus and unlock all plus features with your subscription. Check it out!

Can you get to the finish line safely and securely, and not crash? Draw Rider Free - top stickman bike racing games is not an ordinary race, here you will find treacherous trials from many hardcore levels, this is a real trial on a bicycle. Get gold medals, becoming the best racer on each track, to unlock new levels and new characters.

Thanks to the level editor you can create new tracks and share them with other players. Participate in the race for a while, communicate and evaluate the tracks of other players, become a part of the Draw Rider community! And all this is absolutely free!

Speed up the wheels and get ready for fun!

Crazy figures:
- Over 20,000,000 Game Over!
- Over 6,000,000 downloads worldwide!
- Over 200,000 amazing levels created by users!
- Over 500 new levels every week in the community!

- Offline career game mode with 24 championships in which more than 320 levels!
- Happy ragdoll stickman physics
- Fun hardcore bike physics wheels
- Crazy Online moto bike race(become the best in the world)
- Best races on bicycles, trial motorcycle, ATVs car, electric bike, segway, mini motorcycle bike, flying skateboards, moto bike, Monster Truck car(great for riding uphill)
- Customizable control(brake, accelerate, turn left,turn right)
- Customization moto bike
- The game does not require internet for offline games.
- Complete all the trials and open all stickman customization
- Various game modes (time trials hardcore and race for points)
- Defied bonuses that change gravity, acceleration, bombs, saws and much more
- Over 150 awesome hard trial exciting races
- Run Level Editor offline and be happy
- Ability to share your levels with friends online!
- Don't miss the free updates with lots of new awesome content
- Mode of color inversion and delayed action when falling
- Big online community game

Draw Rider Free is a free version of the game containing some limitations, even more features are available in Draw Rider Plus!

Version history Draw Rider
New in Draw Rider 9.5
Friends, hello in the new year! ✌
We read all of your comments and many complained about the ads. In this update, we have significantly reduced the number of ads, fixed bugs, and reworked the customization of the character and bike. Now the cards do not need to be opened, you can get them for completing the game or buy for coins.
We are trying very hard to improve our games for you! We hope for support with estimates. Thank you ?
New in Draw Rider 9.4.3
We used magic and now the game runs in full screen! Also, magic helped fix other minor problems)
New in Draw Rider 9.4.1
Bugs fixed
New in Draw Rider 9.4
Added deleting and editing of object code in the menu. The maximum line width in the editor has been increased to 1000. Added language selection in the settings. Lots of bug and glitch fixes. The full version of the changes is available in our discord 17Studio.
New in Draw Rider 9.3
- Added a new type of portals
- Added removal of levels in the choice of levels (hold your finger at the desired level)
- Fixed many bugs and glitches
New in Draw Rider 9.1
- Added ability to change parameters of selected lines
- Added Discord (link in the main menu)
- From the Plus version removed the test of cards at the beginning of the level
- In the free version, a bug was fixed with the purchase of Draw Rider Plus
- Other minor changes
- Many bugs and bugs fixed, many thanks to the Draw Rider community!
New in Draw Rider 9.0.1
We are pleased to introduce the Draw Rider v9.0 update. There you will find many new cards that you can get for passing the championships and experience. New items in the editor (mines, portals, moving way bonuses). Also in the editor added a tool for moving and rotating objects. Now in the game you can try cards before buying, as well as gain experience and coins from chests. Also, you will find many small changes and corrections that did not fit into the description =)
New in Draw Rider 8.2
- In the game mode Time Attack you can earn coins
- Bugs fixed
New in Draw Rider 8.0
- Fixed errors in character customization
- Changed custom card logic. Now your changes are always saved here.
- At the levels the vehicle is again shown
- Added hsv parameter values in color selection
- You can load your level into the editor from the my tab
- Bugs fixed in Time Attack mode
- Other minor changes
New in Draw Rider 7.3.3
- The game is optimized for the latest version of Android
- The erase in the editor erases only the selected line type
- Fixed bugs in the editor
- Fixed bugs in the tutorial
- Thanks to the entire Draw Rider community for your feedback and support!
New in Draw Rider 7.3.2
- Fixed a bug with a white screen when turned on
- Fixed a bug in the editor when changing vehicle
- Other minor changes and bug fixes
- Thank you for being with us!
New in Draw Rider 7.2
- Added tutorial
- Bugs fixed and game work optimized
- Thank you all for the positive feedback on the game!
New in Draw Rider 7.1
- New game mode: Online Race!
- Added customization of opponents
- Added showing the level of opponents
- Plus version of the game is shown for the opponents
- Improved record replay of opponents in the online race
- Lots of other changes in the online race
- Added player level
- Added global leaderboard
- Various changes in the menu
- Added sounds of saws
- Other changes and bug fixes
- More cool updates coming soon!
New in Draw Rider 6.6.2
- The character does not collide with the vehicle- Fixed calculation of medals in the choice of the world- Fixed logout- Other minor changes
New in Draw Rider 6.6.1
- New masks and hats customization- A new game mode without a vehicle (Oh No!)- User's Quick Login- Fixed Saw selection in the editor- Fixed a collision of the legs on the sled- Changed the news in the Plus version- The editor shows the player at the launch site- At the beginning of the level, the player is always added equally- Many other minor changes
New in Draw Rider 6.6
- The game is adapted for Samsung Galaxy S8 and other screens- Added saws- Falls of the character became even more fun!- The character is now faced with a vehicle- Now the bomb explodes other bombs- New bomb explosion effects- Fixed a photo in the object editor- Many other minor changes
New in Draw Rider 6.5
- Added colored lines!- Now you need to click on the buttons to start the level- Added news in the main menu- New menu login in account- We made a group on Facebook 17Studio- Fixed a bug with the bomb- You can zoom the camera by changing the position of the start and finish- Complete inversion of colors- Fixed a bug with mini bike- Many other minor changes
New in Draw Rider 6.4
- Added 64 levels- Performance increased in several times- Online renamed to the Community- When you open a level it immediately opens in the editor- Changed mini bike- Changed comments- Fixed a bug when deleting a level in the Community- Other minor changes and fixes
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